Apple Picking

At the beginning of last month the weather was still incredibly warm, but there was one day we woke up to fall weather and it just so happened to coincide with one of Matts (very few) days off. So we jumped at the chance to break out the sweaters, scarves and boots and take advantage of a little fall preview.

We drove to the Valley without a solid plan, just that we knew we wanted to pick some apples, it was apple picking weather after all. We drove until we saw a sign off the highway for Daniel's U-Pick, took exit 5 and had our plan.

It was a perfect day for being bundled up and outside, E slept most of the time in the Ergo on Matt but Max really dove in and picked apples like it was his job. He really commits when he likes something. We came home with a 10 pound basket of Cortlands, MacIntosh, and Gravelsteins. Completely did not realize how much 10 pounds of apples is until you get them home and then it's like, now what? So, we made apple sauce, apple pie, slow cooker apple pork and apple chips. Oh, and the littles ate their weight in apples for a solid week. Troopers.

Sent the smallest to get the ones we couldn't reach.

Our haul!


What to expect...

    No, my first post isn't a pregnancy announcement. If you happened to stumble upon this blog and aren't directly related to me, this is a cliff notes guide to help you decide whether to come back or not.

First of all, WELCOME!

Now let's jump right in...

K, so, what to expect:

+Babies and all things related. Mostly because I have two of the cutest in the universe, I have a certificate to prove it. I won't show you though, not the bragging type.

+Ramblings, I'm a SAHM (stay at home Mom) which means I only talk to my kids all day, so this is an opportunity for fake, one sided conversation (I'll take what I can get).  

+Picture Dump of the babies, our adventures, day to day life, etc. I fully expect only the Grandparents will read here so this is to keep them updated.

So the other side,

What NOT to expect:

+Anything Deep, I am not a serious person, unless I absolutely have to be and this blog is serving as our family diary so it'll be light and fluffy.

+Real Time Posting, I got into this late in the game so I'll be posting trips/adventures/life events from weeks, heck, months ago. Deal?

+Quality Photos Schmancy camera? Don't have one. All of our pictures are taken with my phone (I know, I know) AND it's an android. So they'll be blurry/grainy/dark/all of the above, but of the babies, so you can look past that, right new friends?

That's it, take it or leave it....but please take it :)