Our Weekend 017

So, E got sick. I spent the weekend playing nurse, running from a sick Max to a sick Ellie and back again.

Good news though, Max seems to be over whatever it was and Ellie is just about the easiest sick kid ever. She hasn't stopped eating, or playing just stops to be sick every now and then and keeps on going. It's kind of remarkable to watch.

There were lots of snuggles and movie watching over the weekend. Max totally milked his illness to get more tv time. He has probably watched more television this weekend than he has in his whole life. And, he gets to drink juice, so I don't think he'll ever admit he's feeling better.

I slept in Max's room while he was sick, and in the living room with E since she's been sick. I haven't slept in my own bed since last Tuesday. I don't even remember what it's like, it's going to be so good to when I actually get to lay in my own bed. I'm not leaving t for a week (I wish).


From Snow Day to Sick Day...

We woke up on Wednesday to a Spring blizzard - because, why not? The whole city was basically shut down, including where Matt works. Snow day for Daddy! The kids were super excited to not only get more snow but to have Daddy home all day too.

It was crazy here, tons of snow and high winds. We couldn't see the building next door from our window. Nuts, right?! That didn't stop the boys from going outside to play. E and I stayed inside like sane people and had a nap, as you do when the noisy boys are gone and there's a blizzard outside.

Max is in there, somewhere.

When the boys got back we had a hot lunch waiting for them, tomato soup and grilled cheese - because a snow practically screams for such a lunch. After lunch we all snuggled together with some stove top popcorn and watched Frozen (for the second time this week).

We exchange these "Man we're lucky" faces all the time. 

Practically a perfect day... until Max fell asleep before dinner. This kid never naps, so we knew something was up. We woke him eventually, he didn't eat and went to bed no problem.

Two hours later he came out of his room crying. He was sick. He and I spent most of the night awake, him sick and me just watching him. The next day was spent in bed alternating between sleeping and being ill. Poor lil gaffer is the saddest when he's not feeling well. E kept pointing to his belly and saying "boo-boo".

How E spent most of the sick day, in her glory.

It hasn't hit the rest of us yet, so hopefully it will leave our house as suddenly as it showed up. Such a promising snow day, at least he had some fun before it all went to pot.


Boop the Ballerina

Just to get this out of the way, when we were signing Max up for Spring programs, it was a toss up between soccer and ballet for Saturday mornings. He wanted to do both but the were on the same day at almost the same time, so he had to choose. We showed him videos of both so he could make an educated choice (ha!) and he kind of fell in love with ballet. He ask to watch the "ballet man" all the time. That would be old Baryshnikov videos. Head over heals in to it. In the end we went with Soccer because I wasn't quick enough and apparently ballet fills up fast. He's not too disappointed because he has his own ballerina at home.

Eloise likes watching the videos too, and twirls and dances along. She got a ballet kit for Christmas from her aunties, slippers, tutu and headband included. Max convinced her to put the whole costume on and she immediately started dancing around. This was the most graceful E has ever looked. She's more of a rough-and-tumble gal.


Our Weekend 016

Oops, took a week off. Totally didn't mean to but with Matt being home in the evenings I find things here move a lot more quickly and before you know it, it's bedtime. Or time to watch another episode of whatever we're watching that week. So much more fun to watch new things with someone else. Now I'm not just talking to myself in the dark. 

Anyway, long week of restless babes, evenings were spent relaxing.

Started the weekend off right with a girls night with Katie. Coffee and two different Targets were involved so you know it was good. I didn't get home till way past the littles bedtime (planned that, bedtime sucks) and when I walked in the door, the house was quiet and Matt was looking for a movie for us. Neddless to say, best night ever. There was no way the rest of the weekend could top this. 

I realize how low my standards are.

Saturday was warm enough to make a trip to the Farmer's Market. I really love farmers markets, in an irrational way. If I'm near a veggie stand, I'm content. I'm sure that has a deeper meaning, somehow. Went got there close to lunch time so naturally we searched for food right away. We sat outside on the  second floor deck, overlooking the harbour and ate our breakfast pizza and sipped our hipster-y coffee and then the unbelievable happened. A helicopter flew by, right in front of our little el fresco brunch. The babes lost their minds. We did too though, it was so cool. We spent the rest of our day eating our market haul, including steak from our friend Phil. It caused the whole house to go up in smoke but Matt said it was the best thing he'd ever eaten so, worth it?

Sunday kind of drove itself. We left early in the morning for Dartmouth because Matt wanted to show me this cute little fruit and veggie shop near his new job. We figured since we were in the are, we'd stop at the mall and get some gym clothes for Max (he's starting soccer next month). While Max and I were shopping, Matt and E had some sneaky business to do. When we met back up with them, they had a new phone for me! An iPhone, no less. We ate at the food court, let the kids ride on those money grabber rides that cost way too much and last all of 5 seconds and got a little people watching done. We are totally not mall people. I think I've been there four times in two years. But this was fun, we got what we needed to get, there was no pressure or timeline to follow and the kids loved it. 

First picture with the new phone...
His reaction when I told him he couldn't have the phone.

Once we finally left the mall (I'd forgotten what sunshine looked like) we came home, made tacos and watched the Sword in the Stone. So, bring it weekend. Try and top this one. 

Also, I'm probably going to over post this week to make up for last week. Maybe? Don't hold me to it.


Our Weekend 015

Super busy weekend, but a good busy. We had a surprise visit from Grammie and Grampie, they brought pizza and the two littlest Aunties. Matt and I snuck out for an hour to grab dinner at the new taco truck down the street, because romance.

Saturday was Katie's birthday, she'd invited us all over for wine and snacks but Philip had the idea of bringing a party with us. Guerrilla birthday party. It was a lot of fun, showing up in party hats with garbage bags full of balloons. We love you Katie!

Earlier in the week I had purchased a Groupon for the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, and since it was March Break here there was a pirate scavenger hunt. We dressed the littles up like pirates and headed out. Matt has most of the pictures so that will have to be another post for another day. It was so much fun though. The babes had a blast and it was practically free so, win-win.

Not too shabby for our first real weekend together. Can't wait for the next one, five days and counting.


Big News

So, Matt has a new job. A job that doesn't require him to travel. This is MAJOR.

Matt has always worked away at some point. When he was fishing, we lived three hours away and we didn't see him for two months. Then he worked in Halifax while Max and I still lived in Cape Breton for three months. Then Max and I joined him in Halifax, only for him to start working out of town.

After almost two years in Halifax, Matt has a new job. A job that allows him to be home for dinner. Every. Night. To read bed time stories, and wrangle slippery kids during bath time. He wakes up really early for work, now E does too and they spend the morning together. Max gets some extra snuggles while I put E to bed at night. Everyone is happier.

It's only been a week, but our lives already feel more structured. The kids are better behaved (so far) and I'm well rested, thanks to Matt both putting me to bed at a decent hour and chasing Ellie when she runs around the house half asleep at 3 a.m. And we have proper weekends! I haven't had a real weekend in far too long. So this is my first one, I don't even know what people do on weekends?


Feels Like Spring

Today was so nice. Cool and crisp and spring-jacket appropriate kind of weather. The littles and I took a little walk, it took a lot of convincing on my part because they think it's always cold but not today!

So, pictures or it didn't happen, right?

I hope Mother Nature isn't just teasing us and this weather is here to stay. All this fresh air knocked E right out. Epic nap times make for happy babies. And Mommas.


Our Weekend 014

And the award for best weekend goes to this one.

Matt started his new job today (more on that later) so I planned a little surprise party for him on Saturday. Earlier in the week Katie and I planned the whole thing and Friday we went grocery shopping and headed back to her place to get everything ready. We spent the afternoon preparing the food and scheming how to get Matt out of the house before the party.

Friday was also our anniversary, I had totally forgotten all about it (I know) but Matt hadn't. He took the kids out to get me flowers and cheesecake (my favourite) and had Indian take out waiting for me when I got home that evening. He really deserved this party.

Brennan had the idea to go to the movies with Matt and Max so we could set everything up and all the guests could arrive and wait for the boys to get back. We all hid in the dark and waited what seemed like an eternity for him to find us. Even when he did, he had no idea what was going on. He was completely shocked!

In all the excitement, I completely forgot to take any pictures of the actual party, just of the food. Shows where my priorities are.

It was a small party, but an awful lot of fun, I think planning and setting up was more fun than the actual event, for me anyway. Matt's Dad and brother came up from Little Harbour too. While we waited for the boys to show up we all kept remarking that Matt is the best person to throw a surprise party for. He's so trusting that we could've sent him anywhere at a weird time and he'd just go with it, no questions asked. He wouldn't think anything was up - and he didn't.

The whole week was busy with party planning and secret texts, it was so completely worth it. I don't know if I'll ever be able to plan a better party, I think he might be on to me now, I might have to wait a few years for the next one.


Super Max

Max gets really in to character. He's asked to wear his "buspenders" and his belt to accompany his Captain America shirt. Then he carried around his shield all day. Even took it to the bathroom with him. The shield slept with him that night.

He even has an adoring fan

Never fear, Super Max is here!


Our Weekend 013

It was so warm all weekend, (like winter warm, not Bombay warm) we spent our time enjoying some vitamin D, playing in the snow and counting down the hours 'til Daddy gets home from Newfoundland.

E's still not sure about snow.
fishin' in a parking lot, as you do.

The giant cardboard space ship also made a re-appearance this weekend, out of boredom. This thing is  MASSIVE (like 3ft. high, 4ft. long, not an exaggeration) so it's usual home is in the back of the coat closet all folded up, only to be brought out in emergencies.

Also, thank goodness it's March. I love me some March, so much better than January and February. More outside play, less baby layers. Come on spring, we're ready for you!