Boop the Ballerina

Just to get this out of the way, when we were signing Max up for Spring programs, it was a toss up between soccer and ballet for Saturday mornings. He wanted to do both but the were on the same day at almost the same time, so he had to choose. We showed him videos of both so he could make an educated choice (ha!) and he kind of fell in love with ballet. He ask to watch the "ballet man" all the time. That would be old Baryshnikov videos. Head over heals in to it. In the end we went with Soccer because I wasn't quick enough and apparently ballet fills up fast. He's not too disappointed because he has his own ballerina at home.

Eloise likes watching the videos too, and twirls and dances along. She got a ballet kit for Christmas from her aunties, slippers, tutu and headband included. Max convinced her to put the whole costume on and she immediately started dancing around. This was the most graceful E has ever looked. She's more of a rough-and-tumble gal.

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