From Snow Day to Sick Day...

We woke up on Wednesday to a Spring blizzard - because, why not? The whole city was basically shut down, including where Matt works. Snow day for Daddy! The kids were super excited to not only get more snow but to have Daddy home all day too.

It was crazy here, tons of snow and high winds. We couldn't see the building next door from our window. Nuts, right?! That didn't stop the boys from going outside to play. E and I stayed inside like sane people and had a nap, as you do when the noisy boys are gone and there's a blizzard outside.

Max is in there, somewhere.

When the boys got back we had a hot lunch waiting for them, tomato soup and grilled cheese - because a snow practically screams for such a lunch. After lunch we all snuggled together with some stove top popcorn and watched Frozen (for the second time this week).

We exchange these "Man we're lucky" faces all the time. 

Practically a perfect day... until Max fell asleep before dinner. This kid never naps, so we knew something was up. We woke him eventually, he didn't eat and went to bed no problem.

Two hours later he came out of his room crying. He was sick. He and I spent most of the night awake, him sick and me just watching him. The next day was spent in bed alternating between sleeping and being ill. Poor lil gaffer is the saddest when he's not feeling well. E kept pointing to his belly and saying "boo-boo".

How E spent most of the sick day, in her glory.

It hasn't hit the rest of us yet, so hopefully it will leave our house as suddenly as it showed up. Such a promising snow day, at least he had some fun before it all went to pot.

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