Our Weekend 017

So, E got sick. I spent the weekend playing nurse, running from a sick Max to a sick Ellie and back again.

Good news though, Max seems to be over whatever it was and Ellie is just about the easiest sick kid ever. She hasn't stopped eating, or playing just stops to be sick every now and then and keeps on going. It's kind of remarkable to watch.

There were lots of snuggles and movie watching over the weekend. Max totally milked his illness to get more tv time. He has probably watched more television this weekend than he has in his whole life. And, he gets to drink juice, so I don't think he'll ever admit he's feeling better.

I slept in Max's room while he was sick, and in the living room with E since she's been sick. I haven't slept in my own bed since last Tuesday. I don't even remember what it's like, it's going to be so good to when I actually get to lay in my own bed. I'm not leaving t for a week (I wish).

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