Big News

So, Matt has a new job. A job that doesn't require him to travel. This is MAJOR.

Matt has always worked away at some point. When he was fishing, we lived three hours away and we didn't see him for two months. Then he worked in Halifax while Max and I still lived in Cape Breton for three months. Then Max and I joined him in Halifax, only for him to start working out of town.

After almost two years in Halifax, Matt has a new job. A job that allows him to be home for dinner. Every. Night. To read bed time stories, and wrangle slippery kids during bath time. He wakes up really early for work, now E does too and they spend the morning together. Max gets some extra snuggles while I put E to bed at night. Everyone is happier.

It's only been a week, but our lives already feel more structured. The kids are better behaved (so far) and I'm well rested, thanks to Matt both putting me to bed at a decent hour and chasing Ellie when she runs around the house half asleep at 3 a.m. And we have proper weekends! I haven't had a real weekend in far too long. So this is my first one, I don't even know what people do on weekends?

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