A New Addition

So we have a new member of the family. The babes were playing when E stopped suddenly and dropped to the ground on her belly. "BUG!" she kept screaming - not in a scared way, in an my-head is-going-to-explode way. Max ran over and they watched a little black and brown bug (water bug? small beetle?) crawl around long enough for me to take pictures. The kids just happened to be wearing their matching footie jams, just to kick the cuteness factor of this story up a notch. So thoughtful.

Anyway, they watched the little bug, trying to catch him in a tissue and a jar for a while. He wasn't falling for their tricks, zig zagging in and out of the baseboards. Max figured he didn't want to go back outside and that he should live here with us. Not in a jar, just roaming free around my house. Awesome.

They deemed him a free bug and named him Buster. Ellie checks under the dresser in the living room everyday for Buster. We even convinced Max not to take a spider in the house, because it would eat his new pet. So our new house guest hasn't been so bad, really. We always know where to find him - not in my ear so far - he keeps the kids busy for a while, he's the only bug allowed to live with us and it's kept the begging for a dog at bay.

Welcome to the family Buster, stay under that dresser though, or I'll introduce you to the vacuum.

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